Starsem is the Soyuz company, dedicated to providing commercial launch services with the reliable and proven Soyuz family of launch vehicles.

The European-Russian organization brings together all key players involved in the production and operation of Soyuz and is responsible for international sales of the world's most versatile launch vehicle.

Created in 1996, Starsem offers the Soyuz for a broad range of mission needs, including satellite telecommunications systems, scientific spacecraft, and Earth observation / meteorological platforms.

Starsem provides each customer a true turnkey service, from manufacture of the launch vehicle to mission preparations at the Baikonur Cosmodrome and successful in-orbit delivery of payloads.

Starsem launch services:

By building on the strength of its relationship with its partners and suppliers, Starsem offers its customers focused, proven launch services that include the following primary activities:

- Exclusive marketing, sales and management of Soyuz commercial launch services;
- Mission management and organization that covers all aspects of launch activities and preparation from contract signature through launch;
- Systems engineering support and analysis;
- Production, verification, and delivery of the launch vehicle and all associated hardware and equipment, including all adaptations required to meet customer requirements;
- Ground facilities and support for customer activities at launch site;
- Combined operations at launch site, including launch vehicle and spacecraft integration and launch;
- Telemetry and tracking ground station support and post-launch activities;
- Assistance and logistics support, which may include transportation and assistance with insurance, customs, and export licenses; and
- Quality assurance and safety activities.

Starsem provides the customer with a single point of contact (the mission manager) for all launch service activities in order to simplify and streamline the process.