Starsem proposes a variety of transportation solutions to our customers. To access the Cosmodrome, Starsem can arrange transport of the spacecraft from the customer's facility to Baikonur with plenty of lifting capacity: an Antonov 124-100 (up to 90,000 kg) or a Ilushin 76 TD (up to 40,000 kg). Starsem can also arrange charter flights for customer launch teams and/or VIP's.

Once on the Cosmodrome, Starsem has a fleet of vehicles available to transport our customers between sites. Two 49-seat buses operate between the hotel and the Cosmodrome each day, as well as on-call vans (5-9 passengers) to transport personnel between working areas.

Sputnik Hotel

To provide our customers comfortable business accommodations, Starsem led the development of the Sputnik Hotel - a full service facility in the city of Baikonur. This unique hotel is managed by a professional European team and offers 120 spacious rooms and 5 suites.

Located in the city center, the Sputnik Hotel offers a business center, sauna, swimming pool, fitness center, bar, laundry facilities, a hairdresser, mountain bikes, and a game room. All rooms are equipped with satellite TV, individually controlled heating & air conditioning, direct dial telephones and a minibar.

The hotel's restaurant features the best of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, along with international favorites. Lunch prepared by the hotel can also be served on the Cosmodrome at Starsem's facilities, either on Site 112 or Site 31.

Visas, Customs, and Security

Starsem experience facilitates travel to Baikonur. Starsem assists our customers in obtaining all necessary visas and authorizations for carrying out a launch campaign at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Starsem assists our customers with the customs process to ensure that everything goes smoothly. By following Russian customs procedures and benefiting from international agreements between Russian and Kazakhstan concerning the Baikonur Cosmodrome, no customs duties should be imposed on the spacecraft, GSE, and other equipment used in the launch campaign.

Starsem and Cosmodrome authorities maintain strict security measures at Baikonur. Access to the Cosmodrome is controlled. Access to Starsem's facilities is further controlled by identification badges that limit these facilities only to authorized personnel. Clean rooms are monitored by video at all times. Depending on customer requirements, video surveillance and a 24-hour guard can also be arranged to secure the spacecraft.