From contract signature to successful completion of the mission, Starsem provides our customers with a complete and customized launch service that is designed to meet all customer requirements.

In order to provide this level of service, Starsem brings together the world's most flexible and reliable launch vehicle, expert technical staff, seasoned operational personnel, state-of-the-art satellite preparation facilities, responsiveness, and a collective experience with missions from low Earth orbit to deep space.

Beginning at contract signature, our customers are provided with a single point of contact, a Starsem Mission Manager, who is responsible for all aspects of the mission from Mission Analysis through issuance of the final flight report.

Starsem conducts a comprehensive mission analysis, taking into account all critical factors that are necessary to ensure mission success, including mission profile, thermal environment, mechanical loads, electromagnetic compatibility, spacecraft separation and orientation. Naturally, our customer is an integral part of these activities, participating in key reviews and interacting with the Starsem team. The process is documented and managed through mission analysis documents and the mission's Interface Control Document.

Production of the launch vehicle hardware and payload interfaces (adapter or dispenser) is managed by Starsem and followed by our customers through reviews and formal documentation, and ultimately verification of the spacecraft / launch vehicle interface through a fit check at our customer's facilities.

During the launch campaign, Starsem oversees the entire process, from arrival of the spacecraft at the Baikonur airport through launch. A Starsem Launch Campaign Manager is selected to handle all day-to-day activities on the Cosmodrome and to provide an on-site interface responsive to all customer needs throughout the course of the campaign.

At the Cosmodrome, Starsem's new state-of-the-art payload processing facilities are used for satellite integration, fueling and checkout services and provide a Class 100,000 clean room environment (1158 m2) with carefully controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

Once a payload has reached the launch pad, the customer ground team is in continuous contact with their satellite right up until the moment of liftoff. Starsem provides our customers with a redundant high data rate satellite link which allows the customer teams in Baikonur to be connected with their home base, in order to communicate and exchange spacecraft data.