The performance figures are provided for the currently operational Soyuz with S-type fairing, launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and for the modernized Soyuz with ST-type fairing, launched from the European Spaceport. For more detailed performance information, please download our User's manual or contact Starsem directly.

Current Soyuz with S-type fairing from Baikonur
Modernized Soyuz with ST-type fairing from French Guiana
1660 kg (DV= 1500 m/s) 2180 kg (Super GTO, DV= 1905 m/s)
3060 kg
4520 kg
SSO Orbit:
(98.1°/660 km)
4820 kg
1420 kg

Medium Circular Orbit:
(56°/23616 km)

1570 kg
1990 kg

High Elliptical Orbit:
(63.4° / 39100 x 1200 km)

2470 kg