Starsem provides complete Soyuz launch services, beginning with launch vehicle production through the in-orbit delivery of the payload.

The following outlines the key events in a typical launch service contract (L = Liftoff):

Contract signature (L-24 months): Interface Control Document (ICD) Revision 0 issued; preparation of program schedule and management and quality plan begins; Launch vehicle configuration specified; Adapter development activities begin; acquisition begins for long lead time components of launch vehicle

L-23 months: Mission analysis activities begin in coordination with the customer

L-18 months: Production of launch vehicle begins; documentation and plans for launch campaign initiated

L-16 months: Review of preliminary phase of mission analysis activities; update of relevant spacecraft models, mission parameters, launch vehicle environments

L-12 months: Final phase of mission analysis begins; Spacecraft mass properties and mission parameters fixed; Adapter Critical Design Review; Preliminary readiness review of Baikonur Cosmodrome

L-7 months: Adapter Final Qualification Review

L-6 months: Review of final phase of mission analysis; Approval of final flight software

L-5 months: Edition of final version of ICD; Adapter fit checks and release tests performed;

L-2 months: Production of all components completed; Final reviews of Cosmodrome readiness and hardware readiness (launch vehicle, adapter, spacecraft) performed; Shipment of all components to Baikonur Cosmodrome authorized

L-5 weeks: Spacecraft arrives at the Cosmodrome; Launch campaign activities begin

L-0: Liftoff! On the way to a successful mission.